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Sri Lanka is one of the world’s top three destinations for a wedding ceremony overseas. Indulge in a traditional Sri Lankan wedding or opt for a quiet ceremony by the beach. The location opportunities are endless, with abundant stretches beaches of golden sand, aquamarine oceans and the beauty of surroundings you will find yourself on a romantic getaway with Sri Lankan hospitality.

There are varying styles of Sri Lankan weddings and these changes in accordance to various regions of the island, but the most popular one is the Kandyan weddings, which takes historical and cultural, influences and infuses it into the beauty of union along with various traditions. The core elements involve Kandy Dancers and Drummers, exchanging of vows upon a wedding Poruwa (stage) and elaborately dressed elephants to bring in the groom or to carry the just-married couple.

Whether it's the cool misty hills paved with mountain terrains of Kandy, or the acres and acres of lush green tea bushes in the famous little England called Nuwara Eliya or the warm golden sandy beaches of Down South, you are open to the marvel that this Sri Lankan romantic getaway offers you.  From there, take a journey through the temples, the ruins & remnants of castles and our historic monuments, in the Cultural Triangle, and discover Sri Lanka’s most exclusive and romantic destinations that are unbeatable and very unique in what they have to offer.

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