What We Offer

Excellent customer services and development and integration of new technology have increased our operational efficiency and productivity. Similarly our fresh and innovative approach, coupled with our years of experience in the industry has allowed us to maintain our presence among the large scale market leaders in the industry.

We offer a comprehensive range of leisure, adventure and corporate travel options and packages, made possible by Sri Lanka's natural extensive travel offerings.

Sri Lanka is a unique destination offering a wide range of activities to suit a varying group of clientele.

Choose from:

  • A scenic and photographers dream vacation of nature trails and wildlife package
  • Bringing out your adventurous side as you try your hand at a range of water sports and thrill rides with the adventure package
  • Exploring Sri Lanka's rich cultural, religious, and traditional history and way of life with a cultural package
  • Engaging in some scenic golf tours, surfing trips, racing,and the usual cricket, rugby, volleyball and much more with the sports package
  • Enjoying a luxurious romantic getaway in idyllic surroundingswith the Romantic Getaway Package
  • A relaxing and rejuvenating Ayurveda Package offering aholistic revitalizing escape
  • A close to nature experience with our camping package thatallows you to experience Sri Lanka on a closer level
  • A truly inspiring and colorful Sri Lankan Island Weddingpackage
  • A budget vacation package that ensures you experience whatSri Lanka has to offer in an affordable way.
  • Events: We are an organization who has received atremendous amount of experience by participating and executing national andInternational events in Sri Lanka namely some of the significant events areIndian International Film Awards ceremony in 2010, British Pro surf associationInternational competition in Sri Lanka, Japanese Pro surf association International competition in Sri Lanka, HikkaduwaInternational beach festival are some of the major events that we have managedsuccessfully over the years.