Just half hour’s drive from Galle is Mirissa, where the  giant mammals of the sea, quietly dwell under the blue waves during December to March. Sightings of whales are more frequent at this time because they migrate between Bengal Bay and Arabian Sea which brings them closer to Sri Lankan shores.  Try your luck and spot the B lue W hales and S perm W hale at one of the best spots in the world to see whales.  During the season,  apart from whales you may also spot Spinner Dolphins, sea birds and various species of Petrels and Terns.

Mirissa is located south of Dondra Head, the southern- most point in Sri Lanka. The Dondra Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in the country, standing a staggering 160 feet tall. It was built during the British rule, with heavy stone bricks from Scotland. This sturdy tower withstood the tsunami waves of 2004 with minimum damage. With special permission the adventurous traveler can climb the lighthouse, and witness the awe inspiring 360 degree view from top. Feast you eyes on  the surrounding burst o of emerald and turquoise waters, rich with sandy beaches , slanting coconut trees, fishing boats in the far horizon, bays, cliffs and coves . Dondra originated from the Sinhalese word “Devundara/Devi Nuwara” which translates to “City of Gods”.  The Devundara Temple located in the city is dedicated to God Vishnu, guardian of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. The main attraction of this temple is the annual Esala Perehera held in July, with much devotion and splendor.

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