Minneriya “ The Gathering”


Located in the cultural traingle between the cultural cities of  Dambulla, Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa  is the Minneriya National Park. The park has a rich history linked to the Minneriya tank which was built in the 3rd century by King Mahasena. Even after thousands of years the tank attracts huge herds of elephants during the dry season.  Lonely planet has named this elephant gathering as one of the top 10 wildlife spectacles.

As the dry season emerges the mighty jumbos traversing the wild are drawn to the massive tank. They quench their thirst, bathe in the water graze on the lush grass that has grown on the tank bed due to the drop in the water level. This is known to be the largest grouping of wild Asian elephants counting to 300 or more sightings per gathering.  The season starts in June reaching its peak from August to September. Ranking 6th on Lonely Planet’s 10 greatest wildlife spectacles.