Placed between the emerald Puttalam lagoon and the Indian Ocean with panoramic beaches is the magical peninsula of Kalpitiya. It is renowned for kite surfing due to its unique weather conditions, dolphin and whale watching and home to the largest coral reef in the country.  With a touch of colonial influence coupled with the unique blend of beach and marine wonders,Kalipitiya is a unique destination. Enraptured by its originality The New York Times named it one of the 46 places to visit in 2013!

Dolphin Watching

Dolphins of Kalpitiya along the western coastal belt of Sri Lanka is a must see.  Make sure to visit during the peak season from December to March to catch a glimpse of schools of dolphins swimming side by side. Set off during sunrise and you are sure to see hundreds of dolphins gliding along the water.  If you’re lucky the spinner dolphins might just do an air spin to show off, and maybe spot the bottle nosed dolphin. In the Kalpitiya Bay it is most likely to see a humpbacked Indo-Pacific “Pink Dolphins”.

Kitesurfing and Watersports

Because of its ideal weather conditions Kalpitiya is the best destination for Kitesurfing or Kiteboarding.  This has become a popular surface water sport, where the kitesurferglides through the water on board while he is hooked on to a large wind powered kite. The best time to attempt kitesurfing is from May to September as the Southwest monsoon winds blow an average of 20 knots, 24 hours day creating fantastic conditions.  Added to the adrenaline rush the kitesurfer might spot the “Pink Dolphin” on the adventurous ride.

Depending on the monsoon season and winds other coastal areas are also ideal for kite surfing. But the large flat water lagoons in Kalpitiya allow the beginner to get some professional training of this extreme sport and then plunge to the ocean thrill. If you got the will, technique and physical strength, regardless of age or experience kitesurfing will be a thrilling and exhilarating experience.

In addition to kitesurfing you may engage in other water sports such as snorkeling and fishing.

Bar Reef(Snorkeling&Diving)

Tilt to the lulling sway of a boat which strides over green and blue mosaic waters, with clear sands below sparkling with reefs and colourful fish. Explore the depths of the largest and best coral reef in Sri Lanka as you snorkel in this large Marine Protected Area. Shallow coral reefs, sea grass, meadows and deep sandstone reefs coupled with a teeming variety of fish such as butterflyfish, damselfish, angelfish, snappers, sweetlips, parrotfish, surgeonfish,  trevallly, tuna, mackerel, whales and mantra rays will transport you to underwater heaven. Snorkeling in the Bay Reef is recommended for good swimmers as there are no shallow areas to rest. The reef is accessible from October to April, but the best weather conditions are between February and March where the light winds contribute to flat seas and good underwater visibility. 

Other attractions

The 17th century Dutch Fort and St. Peters Kirk is evidence of colonial influence in this part of the country. The fort is on the northernmost tip of the Kalpitiyapeninsula  with  4m high walls and remnants of a chapel, commanders house and prison. St. Anne’s Church in Talawila is famous for its miraculous statue and is venerated by devout Catholics who celebrate the festival in July.