Pulsating to the heavy beat of development, Colombo the industrial capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo welcomes all with open arms. She has been a friend to many men throughout her history as Chinese, Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch and British have traversed her wonders. Colombo became the capital of Sri Lanka during the British rule. Her name has been created and restructured by many explorers who were mesmerized by her beauty centuries ago.

Modern Colombo has transformed its old world beauty into the largest city in Sri Lanka and the core of politics, economics and culture. However this city has a variety of treats to offer. From old colonial buildings of a bygone era, to modern structures, religious places, star class hotels, dynamic street vendors, café’s, shopping malls, casinos, restaurants,  nightclubs, well preserved historic monuments and beach front she will not fail to surprise you with her bag of tricks. Mixed with an array of people and dynamic city hustle, Colombo cruising is a unique experience.