UP IN THE AIR! : Para motoring

For the first time is Sri Lanka, Para Motoring is the latest new thrill to hit Sri Lanka. Sit comfortably in a motorized seat attached to a parachute and enjoy the breathtaking aerial view of the island. Ideal for photographers and anyone looking for a new thrill!  Although currently available in Koggala on the West Coast, it will be available in other parts of the island soon.

Para Gliding another thrilling experience by air is a popular activity worldwide! You can try this anytime of the year!

Hot air ballooning is ideal for a more relaxed air exploration. The breathtaking view of landscapes of mountains, green hills and trees, parks and jungles, ancient ruins and structures is an unforgettable experience. A team of professionals handle the flight and ensure maximum care and security.

Helicopter Rides can be arranged for a more relaxed and enjoyable time