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Culture and History of Sri Lanka

"There is always a time and a place in arts and crafts of Sri Lanka for everyone"

Arts and Crafts of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s diverse heritage is materialized in the masterstroke variety of crafts- the creative and pride of Sri Lankan craftsmen. Engage your sense on our selection of arts and crafts; ranging from traditional crafts to contemporary craft. There is always a time and a place in arts and crafts of Sri Lanka for everyone- even as a seal of friendship or a personal keeps sake to mark a special day.

The masks, mats, beautiful Buddhist statues and pottery come in many forms of elements. Hand woven cloth, Brassware, silverware, wood carvings and lacquer work. The intricate work of batik printings are also rich and sharp predicating the traditions of Sri Lanka. Brassware specially circulates among the uses of religious statues for the Buddhist temples and utility items as well. The wooden carvings practiced in the Kandyan and Galle regions compose windows, doorways and a multitude of keenly fabricated furniture.

There is also a collection of the Sri Lankan contemporary talents such as Anoma Wijewardene, Druvinka, Senaka Senanayake, Jagath Weerasinghe and many others who display their work in national galleries, exhibition centres and cafes who in an effort promote the arc of aptness in the field of art in Sri Lanka.

On an annual account, the Green Path in Colombo 7 revitalizes its street with ‘Kala Pola’ an art fair exhibition holding paintings of young artists who also offer their creations for purchase. Diverse examples of Sri Lanka’s contemporary art have recently for the first time achieved making an international appearance. 

Arts and Crafts of Sri Lanka
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